So at the start of the year (2012) I made a secret commitment to myself, that this year I would strive to increase the amount of apps I have on the App store. I’m not one for “New year’s resolutions” but this goal I know I wanted to set for the year. So as I drafted ideas and played with concepts, I knew for one thing this new app would not be a game, I wanted to make something that was more of a utility type app.

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Moodology Growth

When I first started thinking about doing an app like Moodology I truly had no idea what I was getting into. I just thought it would be cool to track my mood daily and see how frequently I was happy. But since then I’ve discovered a lot more about myself and others, I realized firstly that I’m not the only one that’s concerned about my happiest and what causes me to be either happy or sad. But secondly I didn’t realize there was such a big movement surrounding such things like tracking every aspect of your life. This movement as I later discovered is called Quantified Self (, In the end I’ve learned that you can improve and change any aspect of your life just by – Measuring, Tracking, Sharing and Understanding.

My intentions were to release Moodology as a small app and move onto another small app, but every since I releasing it and using the app on a daily basis I’ve truly fallen in love with making it the best app or product for helping people understand and track their moods. So I’ve decided to dedicate more time and effort to develop a wonder product that will hopefully change lives and improve moods.

So far the responses have been really good with lots of love coming from the Netherlands, where the Quantified Self movement is the largest, so that in a way was to be expected. But none the less I was surprised to have so many people interested in my app.

I have started work on a couple of minor releases that will be coming soon with a future 2.0 release coming sometime after that. I want this app to be perfect and for that to happen, that means it’ll take time. So bare with me as I work on it.

Scoretastic Sketches

Here are some of the initial sketches I did when I started work on Scoretastic back in January. The goal was to create a simple score keeper app and the deadline I set for myself was the end of January, needless to say that didn’t happen. The major set back was due to ‘feature’ creep initially and you know, sometimes life get’s in the way 🙂 Let me know if you want to see more stuff like this or what you would like to know about Scoretastic.

Here I am trying to work out some ideas for the app's flow.
More sketching


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